Plackit Small Kits (30×40 cms)

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Plackit is a new way of organizing and planning activities in your home and office.
It is a really magical tool, because you use our magnetic elements and our Plackit magnetic board  in a unique and fun way.

You will love these small Plackit kits because you can:

Place them in a smaller space.
Write and diagram about it with our Liquid Chalk Markers Plackit.
Place on your metal base any of the 6 options that we offer you from our Plackit magnetic elements.
The incredible thing about Plackit is that you can take any of these magnetic elements and distribute them in a different way in our small  Plackit board.

You can choose between 6 different magnetic elements:

  • To Do List Plackit Board (It includes sticky flags, large magnetic sticky  notes)
  • My Grocery List Plackit Board(Includes Magnetic)
  • My Weekly Homewoork Plackit Board (Includes Magnetic)
  • My Weekly Tasksm Plackit Board (It includes Magnetic)
  • Meal Planner Plackit Board(It includes Banderitas,and small Magnetic Sticky Notes)
  • Magnetic Hard Plastic Zipper Bag Plackit Board  (It includes Banderitas, Big and Magnetic Sticky Notes)

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We recommend this small complete kit and starts to organized, combining and placing our magnetic products in your base small plackit horizontally or vertically.

What do Small Kits include?

Plackit magnetic small board (blackboard with metal base of 30×40 cm) and according to each option, so the tools Plackit are best suits your need.
FREE: Screws and Dowels for easy installation.
Plackit is simply PERFECT!

(1) Plan easily with our magnetic tools: Easy organization of your activities.

(2) Decorate at home or office with its unique and original design: You maintain an orderly, clean and pleasant environment.

(3) Organize everything in one place: Keep your information centralized, which allows you better control.

(4) Place your Plackit horizontally or vertically: Fit the space you need.

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